• Oil and Gas Storage Service Market Revenue Will Reach $XX Billion By 2022, Says Esticast Research and Consulting

    by Amritesh Suman -

    As per the report”Oil and Gas Storage Service Market By Product Type (Storage, Ancillary), By End-use application (Storage, Ancillary), Estimation & Forecast, 2017 – 2024″ ,the global oil and gas storage service market was valued at $XX billion in 2016, and is projected to reach $XX billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 2.6% […]

  • Research Offers Analysis on Belarus Midstream Oil and Gas Industry till 2022

    by Mark Hub -

    A new research report highlighting the latest trends and developments in the Belarus midstream oil and gas industry has been added to the comprehensive repository of Market Research Hub (MRH). The report titled “Belarus Midstream Oil and Gas Industry Outlook to 2022-Market Forecasts for Pipelines, Underground Gas Storage and Gas Processing” offers detailed insights and analysis […]

  • How has air quality been affected by the US fracking boom?

    by Oil and gas press -

    Urban air pollution in the U.S. has been decreasing near continuously since the 1970s. Federal regulations, notably the Clean Air Act passed by President Nixon, to reduce toxic air pollutants such as benzene, a hydrocarbon, and ozone, a strong oxidant, effectively lowered their abundance in ambient air with steady progress. But about 10 years ago, […]

  • Oil and Gas in Saudi Arabia – Market Size, Status, Analysis Forecast 2023

    by Sharon Williams -

    Saudi Arabia oil and gas market is showing recovery with a market value of USD XX billion in 2017. Stabilizing oil prices, surge in consumption and government policies are set to boost Saudi Arabia oil and gas market value to $XX billion by 2023 at a projected CAGR of XX%. On the investment front, companies […]

  • Three Approaches for Estimating Recovery Factors in Carbon Dioxide Enhanced Oil Recovery

    by Oil and gas press -

    The U.S. Geological Survey has evaluated three methods for estimating how much oil and gas could be produced by injecting carbon dioxide (CO2) into petroleum reservoirs. The three methods evaluated are: reservoir computer modeling using CO2 Prophet software reservoir decline curve analysis based on historic reservoir production data a review of scientific literature that describes […]

  • Attack on Diesel continues

    by Oil and gas press -

    Diesel cars continues to come under scrutiny due to climate control issues. With surcharges soon to be enforced and more set to come to discourage people from using them in built-up areas, diesel cars have fallen from grace with buyers, with registrations plummeting in recent months in the UK. Health scares, talk of tax rises […]

  • The future of motoring is hybrid

    by Oil and gas press -

    A black Tesla is waiting for the light to turn green, as I head for home after my day’s work at the Neste head office. It looks like a predator hunting for prey in the middle of aging station wagons and slightly dented smaller cars. It is the rush hour, and the stream of cars […]

  • Even the Car Wash Industry is not safe from Technology!!

    by Oil and gas press -

    Nissan’s engineers has developed a paint that repels water and oil, effectively creating the world’s first self-cleaning car. The paint was developed at the Nissan Technical Centre in the UK, It is hydrophobic and oleophobic. i.e it repels water and oil. The finish is called Ultra-Ever Dry. Nissan reportedly stated that it has no plans […]

  • Expect $30 Oil -Bank Of America

    by Oil and gas press -

    Oil prices hit on Tuesday their lowest levels since mid-November last year, with WTI entering a bear market, and analysts now see the price of oil sliding further down to below US$40 and even into the US$30s, as rising output from Libya and Nigeria adds to the persistent concerns over global oversupply. As of 2:21pm […]

  • A review of the book “BIG BARRELS”

    by Oil and gas press -

    BIG BARRELS has arrived very late. For many like myself, who struggled with the scarcity of positive Africa-specific case studies at business school; it’s about time, too. By showcasing examples of countries where the ‘Resource Curse’ is being overcome, NJ Ayuk and Joio Gaspar Marques have placed a finger right on the pulse of Africa’s […]

  • Diesel vehicles will “disappear from roads much faster than expected.”

    by Oil and gas press -

    Let’s not rush with diesel According to recent estimates, there will be a stop to diesel-fueled traffic. The resistance to diesel increased before Easter, when Elżbieta Bieńkowska, EU Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship, predicted that diesel vehicles will “disappear from roads much faster than expected.” Can it be that we need to stop using diesel? […]

  • UN Secretary-General Pledges Higher Bar on Climate Action, Energy Efficiency

    by Oil and gas press -

    Following is UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ message, as delivered, on “climate action: mobilizing the world” at New York University, in New York today: I would like to thank everyone at New York University, and especially the Stern School of Business, for your warm welcome and your role in making today’s gathering possible. Let me also […]

  • What happened to transparency? Nigeria Oil and Gas

    by Oil and gas press -

    At the annual Nigerian jamboree to the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas, Dr. IbeKachikwu, the minister of state for petroleum resources, told a “world press conference” on May 5, 2017 that Nigeria’s refineries would soon have new investors. He said 26 investors had indicated interest in the epileptic refineries. “By September, we will […]

  • BPE Oblivious of Agip/Oando Planned Concession of Port Harcourt Refinery

    by Oil and gas press -

    The Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) is ignorant of the proposed rehabilitation and operation under a concession arrangement of the 210,000 barrels per day (bpd) Port Harcourt Refinery by oil firms – Nigeria Agip Oil Company (NAOC) and Oando Plc, THISDAY yesterday learnt from top sources in the privatisation agency. It learnt in Abuja that […]

  • Worldwide Refinery Catalysts Market in Oil Refining Sector Expected to be worth $6,490 Million by 2023

    by Ashwani Kailiya -

    In recent years across the globe, as a rising set of regulations govern the compatibility of fuels and their usages across a number of industries, the demand for refinery catalysts is set to rise globally. Currently, the refinery catalyst market is boosted by the fact that the efficient use of catalysts can help the manufacturers’ […]

  • Oil Storage Industry Analysis in the Middle East with Detailed Forecasts of All Operating and Planned Terminals during 2017-2021

    by Ashwani Kailiya -

    Presently, the supply is more than the demand in the global oil sector as the Middle East countries show no signs of decreasing production. This has forced immediate attention to create functional storage, growing the oil storage industry exponentially. Market Research Hub (MRH) has included the latest study to its huge collection of research reports […]

  • African Consultative Group Meeting

    by Oil and gas press -

    Statement by the Chairman of the African Caucus and the Managing Director of the IMF Minister Kenneth O. Matambo, Chairman of the African Caucus, and Ms. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), co-chaired the African Consultative Group meeting today at the IMF Headquarters. They issued the following statement after the conclusion […]

  • Qatar Lifts its LNG Moratorium

    by Oil and gas press -

    Qatar sees new (LNG) production from the North fields starting within five to seven years and has indicated a target export volume of 2 bdfd (20.7 bcma). As global LNG demand grows beyond the projected supply from existing projects under construction, the world will require new supplies around the middle of the 2020s, in addition […]

  • Oil Production Recovers In Nigeria

    by Oil and gas press -

    Niger Delta Diplomacy At Work Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari’s nascent campaign to negotiate with separatists in the oil-rich Niger Delta has proven to be more effective in restoring oil output to pre-conflict highs than his previous all-out war tactic. “Despite the president’s initial threats and bluster on the delta, common sense now seems to be […]

  • Projecting Future Oil Prices is Difficult -OAPEC

    by Oil and gas press -

    The Organisation of the Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries, OAPEC, has underlined the difficulty in projecting oil prices over the coming period. Kuwait News Agency, KUNA, quoted Abbas Ali Al-Naqi Secretary-General of OAPEC, at a news conference held on Sunday on the sidelines of opening a forum hosted by OAPEC on oil and gas industry fundamentals, […]

  • Saudi Alters Oil Pricing To Attract European Buyers

    by Oil and gas press -

    Saudi Arabia is trying to lure buyers from European markets by changing the way it prices its oil in order to make it easier for hedging, Reuters reported on Tuesday, quoting industry sources. As of July 1, the Saudis will begin pricing their oil sales to Europe against the ICE settlement for the Brent benchmark, […]

  • Oversupply Fears Grow As U.S. Oil Exports Hit Record High

    by Oil and gas press -

    U.S. oil producers contributed a record 7 million barrels of crude oil to international markets during the Week of February 5th, 2017, approximately one million barrels per day. This is on the tail of OPEC strategically limiting their global contributions. These OPEC supply constraints are a continuation of policy agreed upon in January by OPEC […]

  • Biggest gasoline glut in 27 years could crash oil markets

    by Oil and gas press -

    Oil prices are stuck in a holding pattern, waiting for more definitive data on what comes next. OPEC compliance is helping keep prices afloat, but rising US oil production is acting as a counterweight. A new problem that has suddenly emerged is the record levels of gasoline sitting in storage. The market has already had […]

  • Nigeria Produces More Gas, But Less for Its Own Needs

    by Oil and gas press -

    Nigeria grappled with a decline in gas supplies to power plants, despite an overall increase in gas production in the months up to November 2016. Gas production rose steadily during the three months to November 2016, according to data published last month by Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). Despite the impact of attacks on pipelines […]

  • Diesel cars even eco-friendlier than electric cars

    by Oil and gas press -

    Recent debate over the eco-friendliness of motoring has revolved around Tesla and electric cars, Google and self-driving cars, energy-saving combustion engines and overall car structures. Then again, urbanization, Uber and co-owned cars are changing the ways in which cars are used and owned towards a more flexible and effective direction. However, examining motoring from the […]

  • IMF Staff Completes 2017 Article IV Mission to Malaysia

    by Oil and gas press -

    An International Monetary Fund (IMF) team, led by Daisaku Kihara, visited Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya from November 30-December 14, 2016, to conduct discussions for the 2017 Article IV Consultation with Malaysia. The team exchanged views with senior officials of the Government of Malaysia and Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), and met with representatives from the private […]

  • President Trump: This Is How To Bring Back 1 Million Energy Jobs

    by Oil and gas press -

    Dear President-Elect Trump, There’s work to be done. And I know you’re up for a challenge. In fact, I’m now sure of it. So let me lay out a policy position that I am truly hoping you will adopt as your own. I’m talking about natural gas as a transportation fuel: cheap, clean, abundant natural […]

  • 2016 Oil Price Forecasts: Why Is Everyone Getting It Wrong

    by Oil and gas press -

    Forecasting oil prices has proven to be a difficult exercise this year, with investment banks, ratings agencies and national and supranational organisations left baffled by how the market price has fluctuated throughout 2016. Barclays are one such investment bank who have been wide of the mark with oil price predictions, forecasting Brent Crude to bottom […]

  • Niger Delta Avengers declare conditional ceasefire

    by Oil and gas press -

    Nigeria’s leading oil militants have reportedly declared a conditional ceasefire. The Niger Delta Avengers also say they are willing to negotiate a peace deal. A statement posted on the group’s website and dated Saturday says they will continue an undeclared “cessation of hostilities” on condition that security forces stop harassing civilians, and that international mediators […]

  • Nigeria; Prospecting for oil and gas in Lake Chad and Benue Basins

    by Oil and gas press -

    The 19 state governors in the Northern region have employed the services of a British firm, not a Nigerian firm, to carry out exploration activities in the region. This move comes two weeks after the Group Managing Director of NNPC, Maikanti Baru, announced that President Buhari had directed the corporation to intensifies it search for […]

  • Nigeria’s Economic Struggle Unending

    by Oil and gas press -

    NIGERIA economy shrank in the first quarter of 2016 as oil output fell and the manufacturing, financial and real estate industries declined considerably. The National Bureau of Statistics, NBS, report on the economy recently released said that the gross domestic product, GDP, contracted by -0.36 per cent from a year earlier suggesting that the economy […]

  • Saudi Arabia Unmoved By Oil Price Uncertainty

    by Oil and gas press -

    A reasonable assumption for investors is that Saudi Arabia would be deeply concerned about the current state of oil prices. While prices have rebounded somewhat from their February lows, current price levels are still deeply depressed from the normal values of the last decade. Under this assumption, one would assume that Saudi Arabia would at […]

  • Did Oil Kill The Dinosaurs?

    by Oil and gas press -

    What killed the dinosaurs? It’s a question as old as – well the dinosaurs themselves, and one that everyone from school children to scientists have been asking for decades. Movies like Jurassic Park and the Land Before Time only heighten that sense of wonder and raise the stakes behind that question. Now according to a […]

  • Nigeria’s oil production woes continues

    by Oil and gas press -

    Nigeria could be producing an obscene amounts of oil and making serious money in the International markets to see it through the downturn in the industry. However, in Nigeria oil production levels is affected by pirates, militants, Boko Haram and fantastically corruption government, headlines about Nigerian oil typically include broken down infrastructure, violence, devastated eco […]

  • Exxon And BP Battle For ‘Oil Contract Of The Century’

    by Oil and gas press -

    ExxonMobil and British Petroleum have been facing off over the terms of the renewal of the “contract of the century” in Azerbaijan, according to sources that spoke to Reuters. BP currently operates the Azeri-Chigar-Guneshi fields in the middle of the Caspian Sea—a region that contributes a tenth of the firm’s global output. The British company […]

  • Nigeria’s stolen fund will not be laundered through U.S Banks – Ambassador

    by Oil and gas press -

    The United States Ambassador to Nigeria, James Entwistle has reaffirmed his country’s commitment to assist Nigeria fight corruption and ensure that no stolen funds are laundered through its banking system. Mr. Entwistle stated this at the 240th U.S. Independence Anniversary celebration cocktail party in Abuja. “As you fight corruption, we offer technical assistance, training for […]

  • Tesla misses delivery targets again

    by Oil and gas press -

    Tesla Motors has missed its quarterly vehicle delivery targets for the third quarter in a row, as the US electric carmaker continues to struggle with the production of its Model X crossover sport utility vehicle, introduced late last year. The electric-car maker said it sent 14,370 cars to owners in the second quarter, less than […]

  • GNPC Did Not Overspend 2015 Budget

    by Oil and gas press -

    Recent news stemming from the PIAC Annual Report alleging that GNPC overspent on its 2015 budget are incorrect. GNPC actually underspent its budget for 2015, approved by Parliament. Our forecasted revenue was $228.05m and our actual revenue was $126.86m. This shortfall was driven by the global fall in crude oil prices. Irrespective of this fall […]

  • Increase In U.S. Rig Count Will Not Cap Oil Prices

    by Oil and gas press -

    The impact of rising oil prices on North American light tight oil (LTO) production is said to be a “Catch 22”, the title of Joseph Heller’s popular 1961 novel set in WWII. The premise was you could get out of the army if you were crazy but you weren’t crazy to try to get out […]

  • Uranium Prices Set To Double By 2018

    by Oil and gas press -

    With prices set to double by 2018, we’ve seen the bottom of the uranium market, and the negative sentiment that has followed this resource around despite strong fundamentals, is starting to change. Billionaire investors sense it, and they’re always the first to anticipate change and take advantage of the rally before it becomes a reality. […]


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