AkzoNobel and Gasunie investigate Possibility for generating green hydrogen

Posted On January 9th, 2018 - 1:39 pm | by Oil and gas press

AkzoNobel’s Specialty Chemicals business and Gasunie New Energy join forces and investigate the possibilities for large-scale conversion of sustainable electricity into green hydrogen at the Chemie Park Delfzijl. The hydrogen will be used for the further sustainability of the chemical industry, energy supply and vehicles.

The companies want to develop an installation that – with the help of a 20 megawatt water electrolysis unit, the largest in Europe – produces sustainably produced electricity in 3 kilotons of green hydrogen per year (30 million m3). This is sufficient, for example, to allow 300 hydrogen buses to run. The conversion technique whereby water is split into hydrogen and oxygen by means of power is also called ‘power to gas’. A decision on the construction of the installation is expected in 2019.

The planned 20 megawatt facility is a big step in the successful further scaling up of the electrolysis technology. The largest planned electrolysis unit in the Netherlands so far has a capacity of 1 megawatt. The goal is to eventually be able to build installations that convert and store renewable energy in the form of hydrogen on an even larger scale (from 100 megawatts).

    AkzoNobel and Gasunie complement each other when it comes to the necessary expertise for this project – in the area of ​​gas transport and storage, electrolysis and handling of hydrogen. Both companies find each other in a strong vision on the sustainability of value chains and want to play an active role in the transition to a CO2-neutral economy. The project connects with other initiatives in the field of renewable energy, including hydrogen, in which both companies are involved.

“Realizing the CO2 reduction targets and the corresponding conversion in the energy system is a big-sized challenge and requires action and concrete cooperation, in addition to vision,” says Ulco Vermeulen, member of Gasunie’s Board of Directors.

“We see ‘power to gas’ as a promising but also necessary technology to achieve a completely sustainable energy mix in 2050. But hydrogen also plays a crucial role in meeting the emission reduction target that the Cabinet set for 2030; by 2030, CO2 emissions must be 49% below those of 1990. If we want to have enough hydrogen in 2030, we will now have to take steps to validate the technology for this on various scale sizes. ”

“Industry is important for the economy, but also responsible for a large part of CO2 emissions. Only with a far-reaching change in industrial activities can the Netherlands achieve the international climate targets, through which new value chains and revenue models can emerge through cross-sector collaboration, “

says Marcel Galjee, Director of Energy at AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals.

“The vast majority of the more than 800,000 tons of hydrogen that Dutch industry uses each year is produced using natural gas. The replacement of this by sustainably produced hydrogen reduces CO2 emissions by 7 million tons. But the real potential is in large-scale production as the basis for green chemistry. ”

Due to the large-scale production and import of green electricity, the existing chemical industry, the existing gas transport infrastructure, the knowledge networks and the support within the Northern Innovation Board, the Northern Netherlands is ideally suited to developing a green hydrogen economy. The cooperation between AkzoNobel and Gasunie is an important step to get this started and the choice for Chemie Park Delfzijl is logical.

Source / More: Gasunie

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